Monday, January 03, 2005
The last Daily Verse Entry

"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith–and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God– not by works, so that no one can boast." Ephesians 2:8

       I've decided to stop writing the Daily Verse.  I know this is sudden and abrubt and probably a big surprise to many of you.  I don't know how to begin to explain to you why I have made the decision to stop writing.  It's not because I don't have enough time or because I don't think God is working through the Daily Verse-because I do have enough time and I do know that God is and always has been working mightily through the Daily Verse.  I am not going to do the Daily Verse any longer because I don't think my heart is right.  Too often I am burdened by the pressing truth that I fail at many of the very things that I write about.  Too often I write rushed and without praying or seeking to write in the Spirit.  Too often I enjoy signing my name at the bottom of the entry so that everyone can see that I write the Daily Verse.  Too often I enjoy the limelight of being the author of the Daily Verse.  Too often I look for credit for the awesome things that God is speaking through me-in my own heart I steal the credit that God deserves.  And Too often I find myself seeking to please God, to perform for Him, to gain points through the Daily Verse.  And following Christ is not about points.  It's not about performance or being in the limelight or never missing a day of typing up a daily devotional.  Following Christ is about bringing yourself low and humbling yourself.  The Daily Verse interferes with my humility.  It fuels my pride.  I am scared to let go of it because it has been a companion of mine for over a year now.  I am also scared to let go because I know that many of you do truly benefit spiritually from the Daily Verse.  But, as it has taken me some time to figure out, I am not responsible for the success of your spiritual walk.  God does not need me in order to minister to you.  If it's not the Daily Verse, God will find you and minister to you and take care of you in another amazing way.  The Daily Verse is not indespensible, and that is a hard reality to swallow for me.  But I need to stop seeking points by writing the Daily Verse and begin that journey that we should all begin-that journey of making ourselves nothing, giving our hearts to Christ, and falling so deeply in love with Him that He becomes our one true, driving passion in life.  Christ saved me by His grace-not by my ambition to write the Daily Verse.  I have no room to boast about the Daily Verse.  Anything sweet that has happened through the Daily Verse-any time that you have been blessed through it, that is only because of God.  God deserves all the credit for the year and a half of versing that we had. 
    Maybe God will someday lead me into another internet devotional, but if so that will only be when I know my motivations are pure.  Because right now my motivations for writing the Daily Verse are not 100% pure.
    I am sorry for the disappointing news.  It has been such a pleasure fellowshipping with you.  I know that most of you I won't even see or meet until heaven, but I will see you in heaven and that is sweet.  My prayer is that you will all find that passion that will drive you to seek first God's will and purpose for your life.  Never forget that, "He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." Philippians 1:6  If you've accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior, He will never stop working in you and changing your heart until He completes you upon His return.  And if you haven't accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, all you have to do is confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe it in your heart and you will be saved.  You must humble yourself and begin the path of repentance, confessing that you are a sinner and you want Jesus to enter your heart to save and redeem you.  That is the action, the choice required from you to set in motion the path of following Christ.  After that, Christ will take care of the rest by changing your heart to be molded after His.  I pray for any of you who haven't accepted Christ that you will overcome your pride and fears and anxieties and throw yourself on God.  He is more than enough for you and nothing you could have done would ever disqualify you from His presence.  Jesus Christ died on a cross for every sin you've ever commited and every sin that you ever will commit.  The price has been paid in full.  It's over.  All you have to do is accept the free gift of grace.  I've always liked to think of it as a winning lottery ticket sitting in your back pocket, fully available to you.  But, the winnings are so much more than millions of dollars-the winnings are eternal life in heaven!  Reach into your back pocket and cash in your lottery ticket.  I think you'll find the treasures of heaven to be far more fulfilling than the treasures of earth.

May you all press on hard and hold fast to the narrow path of Christ, continuing to race the race of faith and fight the good fight.  Never stop loving and trusting in Christ.  Especially with all that is happening in our world right now with the natural disaster and all-it screams END TIMES to me.  We need to draw nearer to Christ and make Him our number 1 priority above everything-above our spouses and girlfriends and boyfriends and other friends and money and sex and lust and drugs and alcohol and cigarettes and sports and our jobs and careers and school and the future and our families and ourselves.  Those things are all the pieces of the puzzle that pictures CHRIST.  He is our centerpiece, our cornerstone.  May we all answer the call to follow Him.  May we all become lights for Him in a darkening world.  May His presence and will guide and protect you always and forever!
I love you all in Christ,
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Posted at 08:30 am by Shane
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Sunday, January 02, 2005
Scream revelations to the lost

"Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint; but blessed is he who keeps the law." Proverbs 29:18

     When human nature is left to itself, it is not a pretty picture.  This is why most primitive cultures and people groups who have had very limited influence from the outside world have a high tendency of falling into dark practices such as cannibalism, rape, homicide, etc.  At our core, we are dirty and messed up people.  Only the Way, the Truth and the Life can set us free from that.  But without revelation there can be no conviction, without conviction there can be no repentance, and without repentance there can be no forgiveness.  This is why we are called to scream truth to every corner of the earth, every corner.  Make it your heart's desire to find those lost peoples of the world.
Much agape love in the Messiah,

Posted at 08:38 am by Shane
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Saturday, January 01, 2005
A new year, a new heart

"I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh." Ezekial 36:26

        As we begin a new year, I pray that we would all ask the Lord to renew our hearts and give us a steadfast spirit focused on Him.  If you earnestly seek Him and ask Him to change you and give you a heart for Him and place in you His Spirit of power, He will be faithful and do just that.  May each of our New Years resolutions be to give God our hearts this year!
Much agape love in the Messiah,

Posted at 08:30 am by Shane
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Friday, December 31, 2004

"Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.  And we, who with unveiled faces reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into His likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit."  2Corinthians 3:17-17

          When we accepted Christ, the chains of bondage were shattered and we were blessed with freedom to change.  We are free to allow the Holy Spirit to transform our hearts every day until we become more and more like Jesus, our Rock!  How awesome this is! 
       As this year comes to a close for you, make a list of the things that have been chaining you to sin and kept you from that fullness of life that Jesus wants you to have.  Pray and give these things in your heart up to Jesus.  There is a MercyMe song called "Undone" and the chorus is, "To the cross I run, holding high my chains undone.  Now I am finally free, free to be what I've become."  You guys, open up the new year by making it your resolution to embrace the freedom of Christ by breaking the chains that have held you back.  Run to that cross holding high your chains undone and open up a new season of spiritual richness and deepness in Christ!
Much agape love in the Messiah,

Posted at 10:00 am by Shane
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Thursday, December 30, 2004
A good movie

"For it seems to me that God has put us apostles on display at the end of the procession, like men condemned to die in the arena.  We have been made a spectacle to the whole universe, to angels as well as to men." 1Corinthians 4:9

    It is so amazing to me to think of earth and everything that happens here as a movie theater-with angels watching with popcorn the proceedings of this place.  Our lives are on display constantly.  Are you living your life in a way that is worthy of prime time?  Or would your show be better suited for the late night after hours programming?  Let us all, including myself, do a heart check and examine if the viewing of our life's movie would be appropriate for the angels in heaven!
Much agape love in the Messiah,

Posted at 08:27 am by Shane
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